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SARDPAN publishes significant new findings on river dolphin research and conservation initiatives resulting from original research.

If you want to submit information please contact and follow the guidelines.

The information that you send should be concise and organized. Double-check for typographical and other errors and ensure that the information meet the requirements outlined below. Your information can be send in English, Spanish and/or Portuguese.

Submission of information – Please identify which section you want to send the information or questions (News, Protected Areas, Gallery). When you send a message, please add in the subject line the section and your country (e.g. News – Colombia). In the message, please give your full name, affiliation, address, and your current work.

Information, of not more than 700 words typed, should be typewritten in Times New Roman font 12. Information should include a title, the organization and people involved. Provide from three to ten key words or short phrases that will help in the distribution of the information.

Figures should be sent in JPG format. Please include proper copyright for each image. Please select careful the number and quality of images that you want to submit and give a brief explanation of each image (e.g. location it was taken, a story related to the picture).

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