In the last 10 years, Omacha Foundation, Whitley Fund For Nature, Fondation Segrè, WWF and several partners have been working on the construction of participatory conservation strategies for river dolphins in South America through research and political positioning.
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Abundance estimation program of South American river dolphins is a standardized methodology and it has been implemented in Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. “This initiative aims also to create a regional experts network between Andean and Amazonian countries, as part of the Freshwater Protected Areas Network (FWPAs) and the South American River Dolphin Protected Area Network (SARDPAN), which fully considers the ecological integrity of freshwaters for the conservation of key species in those habitats.” (Trujillo et al., 2010) 21 Abundance estimation of South American river dolphins expeditions have established population sizes for the species and identified the main threats for the species and their habitats. This information has become the key input prepared over the years, in order to formulate action and management plans. The expeditions were made in the following rivers: